History & Motivation

Simply.TV is founded by TV-metadata veterans Morten Trolle and Daniel Rühmann.

After founding ONTV – Denmark’s largest online TV-guide in the early ’00 – Morten turned his venture into a fast-growing B2B business under the brand EPG systems. Together with Daniel and a crew of fantastic employees, EPG Systems reached a phenomenal coverage of more than 2650 TV channels and served several large TV operators across Europe, before it was acquired by Tribune Media Services / Gracenote in November 2013.

Morten and Daniel took on leadership positions at Gracenote, where they successfully implemented the EPG systems technology and grew the operations team from 20 to over 100 employees in less than one year - as a result of several significant customer wins. After exiting Gracenote, Morten decided to dedicate time to other development projects, whereas Daniel moved on to Ericsson / Red Bee Media to head up its metadata division.

Metadata continued to flow in Morten’s blood and felt the mission was not accomplished with the sale of EPG Systems. Having been approached by several potential customers throughout 2016-2018, it became clear that real disruption was still required in a landscape characterized by inflexibility, unreasonably high pricing, and a lack of innovation.

Simply.TV is the company that is changing this. We are purpose-driven, and with a clear vision to be the prime driver for innovative metadata-related services globally. We bridge the gap between broadcasters, content owners and those that are receiving the metadata: MVPD operators, streaming services and D2C/OTT broadcaster services (e.g. - SVOD, AVOD, TVOD).


Morten Trolle

Morten Trolle
CEO / CTO and co-founder

Morten’s passion for TV resulted in a career within metadata. In his younger years, Morten established Denmark’s largest online TV guide which turned into a B2B service in 2010 – EPG Systems was born. Due to its superior automation and ingest technology, EPG Systems was acquired by Tribune Media Services in 2013. Morten headed up Gracenote’s European operations and technology development from 2014-2016.

In 2018, Morten started to develop what should be the foundation of Simply.TV – with passion and joy for an industry in rapid change.

Daniel Rühmann

Daniel Rühmann
CCO and co-founder

Daniel is a passionate business builder and loves to compete. He got into the metadata industry in 2012 and assisted in the sale of EPG Systems to Gracenote. In Gracenote, Daniel led business development and product management from 2014 to 2016. From 2017 to 2019, he headed up Content Discovery at Red Bee Media (Part of Ericsson).

At Simply.TV, Daniel drives sales, develops the business and product, and takes care of organisational matters.

Advisory Board

Georg Müller-Löffelholz
Georg Müller-Löffelholz
MD / CPO @ Cornelsen

Georg has deep roots into the TV and broadcast industry. As Chief Services Officer at Red Bee Media (now part of Ericsson), he oversaw the global metadata portfolio. Being instrumental in customer wins and renewals (Liberty Global, Vodafone, BBC), Product Innovation (IMDb) and global expansion (acquisition of FYI Television), Georg is bridging the best of product leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and corporate strategy. Prior to Red Bee Media, he led business development at Funke / Axel Springer.

Georg is currently serving as MD and CPO at Cornelsen Educational Publishing for its Language Business.

Georg is based in Berlin, Germany.

Joachim Bergman
Joachim Bergman
CEO and COO @ 24i

Joachim has spent over 20 years working in the telecoms and media sector, for Ericsson, Amino Communications and currently 24i. Joachim has had various executive positions in Ericsson among others being the Chief Operating Office of the Broadcast Services division, currently Red Bee Media. He joined Amino Communications in 2017 to run Amino’s Pay TV/OTT Software business and later also head up Sales in EMEA. In 2019 he joined 24i where he currently serves as co-CEO and COO.

Having had roles in sales, development, project delivery and operations, Joachim has extensive experience to help Simply.tv in its path to success.

Joachim is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Will Kreth
Will Kreth
Former MD at EIDR, Business Angel & Consultant

Will has most recently served as Executive Director at Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) – the world’s leading unique content identifier, governed by the top film studios and TV networks. EIDR is at the core of the top metadata delivery standards (e.g. - IMF for Broadcast, EMA Avails, etc.) for both film and TV, and assists in advertising viewer measurement. Prior to EIDR, he held senior positions at Showtime Networks, and Charter Communications / Time Warner. Will’s network within the TV and film studio industry in the US is unbeatable.

Will is based in New York, US.

Bjarki Jonsson
Bjarki Jonsson
Head of TV, Siminn

Since becoming head of Síminn’s IPTV platform, Bjarki and his team have both developed a world class IPTV service and witnessed an exponential growth in viewing numbers. Síminn’s SVOD service which has 2/3 of every home in Iceland as a subscriber has not only the content but the scalable infrastructure to support it’s increasing popularity. Bjarki - an Icelandic veteran in the IPTV space where his in-depth understanding of processess, technical expertise and believe in the use of data - has been critical in the success of Síminn’s IPTV platform. Bjarki has previously worked at Vodafone Iceland and Industria.

Bjarki is based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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