Simply.TV is all about happy customers and great technology

Siminn is the leading Icelandic TV operator with more than 100 linear channels and a large VOD catalogue. The linear lineup covers more than 10 languages and they have 3 own channels.


  • Frequently inaccurate airing times and DST issues
  • Incomplete data (gaps in descriptions, genres, images)
  • Inconsistent ID structure
  • No local metadata focus
  • The Solution

  • Simply.TV directly integrated with broadcaster playout facilities to ensure down-to-the-second airing times
  • Comprehensive dataset including genres, descriptions and images on all programs
  • Global and consistent ID space, including broadcaster IDs
  • Focus on relevant in-country programming
  • No TV operator really wants to touch the metadata supply, because when it works - why “fix” it? Unfortunately, we had to do it, as our former supplier did not enable us to grow and develop our services as we wanted. Simply.TV rebuilt the data ingest format in less than a day, and together we managed to complete the migration within few days. Immediately - our tangible benefits were more comprehensive data, airing time issues disappeared, content rights were cleanly handled, and we now have better insights into the data. At Siminn, we prefer to work with flexible partners and not just as a one-size-fits-all suppliers. We now have a Slack communication space set up - and our team and the Simply.TV tech and product team - besides managing the migration seamlessly - give us data improvements and new feature turn-arounds quicker than ever.
    - Bjarki Jonsson, Head of TV at Siminn