• Your lineup consists of 50 or more linear TV channels?
  • You have integrations with several OTT / streaming services?
  • You are challenged by the lack of consistent IDs, poor metadata on several channels and updates always being late? We fix this
  • Your UI development is slow due to middleware and metadata provider inflexibility. We customize delivery formats and add additional endpoints to your data with short notice
  • You invest heavily in content acquisition – but bringing the metadata with images to the media, press agencies, TV operators, CE manufactures is a hurdle.
  • Simply.TV Editorial helps you manage metadata for your assets – with intuitive workflows, consistent ID space and flexible outputs to lower your costs.
  • How often has a show been broadcasted within the last year?
  • Have the artists that you represent got their royalties?
  • With Simply.TV's ID space you can track a show or person in detail cross multiple markets. Reach out to learn more.
  • Middleware companies, recommendation engines, UI companies –cost-effective, flexible delivery, where new datasets can be added on the fly is a requirement which we fulfil.
  • Customized data feeds prepared for newspapers with 1-3 days of listings or TV magazines with 7, 14 or 30 days.
  • We provide the normalized data for your publishing tools or support final InDesign files creation based on your designs and requirements.
  • We can also power your online TV guide widget or apps with our strong normalized metadata allowing your audience to take a deep dive into the data.
  • Whether you drive an online tv-guide, database, streaming service, search index or if you are building great apps, Simply.TV can help you take your service to the next level with our rich data.
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    Key Markets

    Major broadcasters such as DR, TV 2, SBS Discovery, Viasat and C More deliver metadata with actual airing times and content rights, which increases the accuracy for recordings and enablement of smooth rights management. With access to all official press sites, APIs and playout feeds, we provide near realtime updates (NRTs). The Danish broadcasters have in previous years constantly pushed big operators such as TDC, Stofa, and Waoo to implement this – however, both in terms of metadata and middleware, this has proven to be difficult. At Simply.TV, we guarantee that the metadata requirements from the broadcasters are met to ensure high quality and accurate data.

    The Public Schedule format has for years been dominating the Swedish metadata space through a XML format. SVT, TV4 and several operators (Boxer / Com Hem and Tele2) have adapted to this format, which is critical for implementations. Most recently, several broadcasters have continued with PS, but with delivery through Clipsource, which we have modified our ingest processes to accommodate.

    NRK and TV 2 have like broadcasters in Sweden pushed for normalization of the data standards, exploring XML TVA as a common data delivery format. With recent launches of new platforms by Altibox, Canal Digital and RiksTV, the need for high quality metadata is increasing.

    The Finnish market is notoriously known for their lack of consistent broadcaster metadata. Venetsia has been orchestrating the metadata delivery for major broadcasters for many years. With the time, it has been easier to bypass Venetsia and access data directly from APIs from YLE, MTV3 and Nelonen. For the Finnish market, the multilingual mix of Swedish and Finnish data from major broadcasters should not be underestimated – a strong requirement from customers such as Elisa, DNA and Telia Company.

    The number of unique Icelandic broadcasters is limited, but the market is highly influenced by Nordics and pan-European channels with dedicated feeds and metadata. The lineups from both Siminn and Vodafone Iceland indicate this challenge, where à la carte offerings have also gained focus in the product offerings and increased the number of channels being offered. Enrichment for Iceland content is still a challenge for domestic broadcasters such as Stod2 and SkjárEinn. We will help out for further improvements, if your company needs it.

    The German speaking area has remained a challenge for metadata providers for ages – especially due to the VG Media terms and conditions. With an advanced rights management system, we are able to provide you with both copyright and copyright free material depending our your agreements. Other broadcasters also remain a challenge due to poorly structured datasets and lack of updates – with agreements for playout datasets, we have solved this. This requirement has been seen in RFPs from both Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone / Kabel Deutschland, Unity Media/LGI as well as streaming services such as Magine TV and Zattoo.